• Our Aim


     GPI via our GPR department seeks to minimize the environmental impact and promotes social economic values:

    l  To provide communities with exceptional Waste Recycling Services that protect and Improve the Quality of Life in the communities we serve.

    l  To to change the orientation of the communities and educate them on the importance of recycling to environmental sustainability, community health and flood mitigation.

    l Growing the collection & recycling of PET bottles after consumer use;

    l  Supporting existing & encourage new collection and recycling initiatives; and

    Promoting a strong focus on public & consumer education & awareness programs.


    Our GPR Operational Activities meet four critical needs;
    1. Give Municipal alternate means to Dumpsites and Landfills, therefore promote       good Waste Management Practices.
    2. Help Reduce the rate at which Waste is indiscriminately disposed on Our Roads and Street Corners.
    3. Serve as a means of Economic Empowerment for residents and as such mitigates poverty. 

    4. Help Sensitize residents on the importance of Recycling and

    Reduction of Carbon Emission.



    l  Youth and community engagement gives helps in protection of our environment.

    l Reduction of carbon emission that spoil our layers.

    l Reduce

    l Reuse

    l Recycle

    l  Prevent flood now recycle your waste today.

    l Community and corporate engagement programme

    l The responsibility of delivering social impact

    Upcoming programme #CleanOndostate #Green-ONDO

    Our Motivation

    GPI via GPR is drive for Social Impact. We understand the huge role the People, the Planet and Profit play in successful maintenance of our immediate environment Eco-preneurship. We are resolute to contribute towards maintaining the Natural Ecological Balance of the Environment, its Natural Systems and Resources along side harnessing the huge Human and Capital Resources available in Africa. These factors motivates us to constantly Innovate for Social Good!

    Our Impact Model

    After years of exhaustive research at identifying pollution conduits, we are able to develop a Social Innovative solution called CCEP (Community and corporate Engagement Programme)- A solution that actively employs active Community Engagement Initiatives to transform Waste dumpsites into Recycling Parks. This way Jobs are created for Youths in Low Income Communities, Waste Burning activities are reduced and Circular Economy is advanced. 

    Our Impact ;

    ·         Promote waste minimisation, re-use, recycling and recovery of waste

    ·         Grow the contribution of the waste sector to the green economy

    ·         Contributing to the United Nations SDG 1,2,3,7,8,9,11, (13) and 17.

    ·         Ensure the effective and efficient delivery of waste services.

    ·         Conduct on-line/public education and awareness activities promote environmental responsibility and encourage PET recycling.

    ·         which has facilitated the creation of many income opportunities, has reduced CO2 emissions and has meant a significant portion of landfill space has been avoided.

    ·         Pay women and youth in cash and kind to support their  family income.

    At GPR we’re governed by these mantra – plastic bottles are not trash, plastic bottles can be reused, our planet needs to be saved – and continuously spread that message as far and wide as we can.


    (do you know you can boost your community economic lifeline via recycling?).

    Our solution VIA GPR

    Today, more of the waste is collected but a large portion consists of recyclable materials that we can recover to produce new goods more sustainably and reduce the flow of materials into landfills and into the natural environment.The most challenging concern for recycling is sustaining an effective buyback system for clean recyclables and an efficient supply-chain system for collection.


    We are planning to launch an awareness programme in Ondo state tagged Cleanliness is next to godliness-our Plastics matters , our climate is key. Which we would use to launch our community and corporate engagement programme (CCEP) which will be rewards-for-waste that incentivizes people in low-income communities to capture value from recyclable waste.

    In picture, as we expand and progress we will build a low-cost waste management infrastructure using collection hubs ,mobile tech and cargo bikes, and providing incentives for people to embrace the environmentally friendly habit of recycling their waste.